Our Service Commitments

Our four commitments to our clients are optimizing investment programs, reducing client liability, managing fees and services, and decreasing client workload. These commitments form the core of our service offering.

Investment Program Optimization

We provide initial and ongoing investment manager due diligence to ensure a diverse array of high quality investment managers and complementary strategies.

Fee & Service Management

We conduct fee and service benchmarking and quality management for all vendor relationships.

Reduced Liability

We affirm our fiduciary status in writing with all clients, and our service offering helps them meet and anticipate fiduciary obligations.

Decreased Client Workload

Many investment program sponsors do not have the time to manage every aspect of an investment program. For a flat, retainer-based fee, our clients receive a team of financial professionals who, through the service commitments listed on this page, are dedicated to reducing client workload.

We acknowledge our fiduciary status in writing with our clients and sign on in a discretionary or non-discretionary manner (e.g. ERISA §3(21)A or ERISA §3(38) capacity).

Fiduciary Partnership

Each of our client relationships is a fiduciary partnership where we stand in a special relationship of trust, confidence, and responsibility for the assets of beneficiaries and retirement plan participants.


We provide fiduciary and investment consulting solutions to leading institutions in North America.


Our firm is dedicated to providing investment advisory services to institutional clients and not distracted by alternative revenue streams.


We deliver distinctive ideas to foster disciplined fiduciary governance and prudent investment selection.


Cook Street is structured to provide bespoke recommendations and innovate solutions to meet our clients' various needs.


Our team is rooted in practical theory, with a seasoned leadership team from the portfolio management, investment banking, and venture capital industries.

Client Oriented

Our service teams are dedicated to reducing client workload and providing actionable guidance for investment committees.

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