Cook Street's Market Briefs

Cook Street's internal research department publishes custom materials for our clients' use. Following the close of each quarter, we distribute our firm's domestic and international economic commentary, known as the "Market Brief", via our flash reporting system.

Our four most recent Market Briefs are available for download below.

Q1 2023

U.S. Equities Reflect Optimism to Start the Year, and International Markets Remain Positive

Q4 2022

U.S. Markets Recover Over Final Quarter of the Year, and International Equities Strongly Advance

Q3 2022

U.S. Equities Enter Bear Market as Losses Accelerate in the Third Quarter. Global Market Volatility Persists Amid Recession and Geopolitical Fears

Q2 2022

U.S. Equity Selloff Continues, and Global Market Volatility Persists Amid Recession Fears

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