Internal Research

Cook Street employs an internal research department.  We do not source our investment manager and market research from outside firms, wishing instead to retain our independence and objectivity while providing our clients access to and due diligence on nearly the full universe of relevant investable asset classes and fund managers.  The ability to conduct our own research allows us to customize our reports and analyses to the needs of each client.  

The Difference With Cook Street Research

Original Insight

We do not believe a quantitative model or national research desk can replace an independent, investigative approach in identifying exceptional investment managers. As a result, we take care to ensure our investment research professionals are provided with a clear directive and substantial resources to discover uncommon ideas. We conduct onsite meetings with management regularly, coupled with sophisticated, proprietary analytics that contribute to superior performance for our clients.

Team Process

Every consultant at the firm is a member of our internal investment committee, actively participating in all phases of the investment research process. Additionally, our co-founders personally managed institutional assets, and all other professionals are deeply rooted in an institutional background. We believe people are the difference between exceptional and average investment managers and extend this belief to our research team as well. We selectively hire top-caliber individuals with demonstrated success from previous roles such as corporate finance, investment banking, and manager research. Our research team operates exclusively out of our office in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Niche Focus

Our investment research professionals are focused on the investment landscape applicable to retirement and pension plans. Our time, attention, and resources are spent directly on matters that pertain only to our clients’ plans and are not swayed by the competing interests of another division or component of our business.

Mindful Approach

We stress timely, in-depth research across the full spectrum of broad and client-specific matters, providing actionable guidance that is thoroughly analyzed and presented in a clear and concise manner. We regularly receive client feedback that our reports and analysis can be easily understood by a broad range of plan fiduciaries, regardless of their investment knowledge or background.



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